Unisport is the leading online football retailer of football boots, football shirt and other football related items. Besides selling football gear, Unisport is a global media destination for football related content. Working from Copenhagen - Denmark, Unisport has for 20 years provided premium service to players and fans, across the globe. Besides the two shops in central Copenhagen, we offer local webshops for Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany - with unisportstore.com serving the english speaking countries across the globe.

20 years of football legacy

The year was 1995, when Unisport first saw the light of day in little football-Denmark. The company kicked off in a flat in Skydebanegade, Copenhagen. Unisport was founded by entrepreneur, and huge Tottenham fan, Henrik Larsen.

After just six months in the initial flat, an opportunity to move to a larger location in Istedgade came along. Back then we could already offer football shirts from all over the world, which was our great passion. The store would attract people from all over the world on a daily basis; people wanting to explore the world of football shirts.

The many years at the 'Vesterbro Torv' and the beginning of the online adventure

After just six months on Istedgade, we had outgrown the location; and as the will to expand even further was a reality, it was time to relocate once again. This time around the destination would be Vesterbrogade 45. The store at the Vesterbro Torv in Copenhagen is the place that a lot of the local and loyal Unisport fans will reminisce. This was the Unisport base for no less than ten years.

At this time, the football shirt industry had not really taken off. Therefore, it was all about hard work in order to get Unisport in shape to live up to being the leading and preferred destination for football shirts in Scandinavia.

More challenges were awaiting, and the bar was raised yet again as the store in Vesterbrogade was expanded to include an extra floor. The first Nike Football store-in-store in Denmark was a reality. The expansion gave us the opportunity to complete the football experience by also offering a huge selection of football boots. This made us dream big, and really sparked the dream of becoming one of the best in Europe.

The store at the Vesterbro Torv in Copenhagen is the place that a lot of the local and loyal Unisport fans will reminisce. This was the Unisport base for no less than ten years.

Unisport going online

The year 2002 was in many ways a decisive year; it was time to start selling the Unisport products online, and our first website unisport.dk was launched. The online business had a rather slow start, but the 2004 European Cup, e-commerce growth, together with the development of the Unisport website enabled us to slowly but surely increase the number of customers.

In the mid 00's e-commerce was really exploding. Therefore, we had to separate the online business and the physical store. The purpose was to get a warehouse big enough to handle the many new customers, something that also resulted in a great demand for customer service. In the summer of 2006, we relocated to Vesterbrogade 15 and 17. The physical store also got new home grounds right across from the main entrance of the famous Tivoli in Copenhagen. Exciting times in a new environment – not just for us, but also for our ever growing crowd of loyal customers.

An increasing number of employees could be the headline of the first year of the new location, and brand new positions were born. Innovation was key, and the now very well known Unisport WebTV concept was coined. Our very own WebTV channel, where football boot reviews, interviews with footballers and product videos were uploaded. At the same time, our social media following was increasing; back then it was only Facebook. Last but not least, a small team was put together to produce daily blogs on the latest football gear. Everything in order to offer more value for our users, and provide the knowledge needed for a proper football shopping experience.

New goals were set, and the selection of products kept growing. The aim was to ensure that Unisport could offer the wide and deep assortment, which to this day is still something associated with our business.

Award winning e-commerce

We have taken home the user award twice – in 2011 and 2012. We won the Social Commerce award in 2012, as a result of our work in relation to combining e-commerce and social media.

In 2013 we won both the B2C award and the E-commerce Gold as the best Web shop in Denmark. As a result of the latter we went to defend the honour of Denmark on the big international scene. Among the biggest and best we were awarded European bronze, and took the third spot in the rank of the best web shops in Europe.

The next year, in 2014, we made our way into the spotlight again. This time around we took home the Cross Border award. A proof that our concept can stand the distance in other countries. Every awards is a great recognition of our team, who all work very hard to make a difference.

From 1995 to seven web shops

It all started with football shirts back in 1995, and today you will find football shirts from every corner of the world, a massive selection of football boots and everything in relation to football gear. We have web shops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, as well as an international dot com site. In addition, we are highly active on social media – from Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and YouTube.